Book 1 of the To Those Who Have Lost series

To Those Who Have Lost


She could lead him to his any one heart’s desire, but would she ever find her own?

For as long as Moira could remember, she had always had a gift—or at least it was a gift to those other than herself.

She could lead anyone to whatever it was they most desired: love, wealth, fame, power… However, her own desire, to return to her beloved home—an impossible wish.

After years of working in the circus, Moira’s gift leads her to encounter two unlikely characters: Kieran, the almighty leader of Sin’s Forum, and Sylver, the handsome apprentice to a desert guide. Together, they embark on a voyage of discovery on which Moira soon realizes that perhaps the three lost souls are bound together by more than just circumstance.

What forces could be guiding their tumultuous alliance?

Could it be fate?

Or could their destiny lie in the hands of another?

PAPERBACK & EBOOK: To Those Who Have Lost

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